Thursday, May 20, 2010

Journey Home

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This will be the start of all our starts

We have discarded our failures
The road ahead is free of thorns

We have trimmed the jungle of self-doubt
We are paving a path to something

I will know you as you have longed to be known
The stars have not forgotten you
The day is yours

There are no stones to birth from this quarry
Rainwater filters the sand from its desire

We are bright blue

All my fears disappear
In the cup of your belonging
Have consumed them with your light
Even the shade knows sun

I have come to you with my hands open
I have raised my head to your fixed orbit
We can spin this any which way and it will come back full circle

What we knew of love is stitched to all our tomorrows
They unfold like sun-warmed sheets
Clean and creased
With your body

There is no sorrow here
There is no well deep enough to fill the spring of my hope
This thirst for you cannot be quenched

I could live a hundred years

And not want less

Breathe beside me
Hold me to the point of your compass

Write the map on my skin
For our children and their children

Light the way with the torch of your mega watt smile

I am blinking myself brilliant
With every step
I am walking on grass so soft and green

I smell spring
I taste a season I have yearned for
I am never far away enough to lose sight of your radiance
I cannot be close enough
To touching god

These are small things
I set them free at night
They have a name
It is yours

They speak your language
They remember to dance
They are all poets in the making
They are beyond beautiful

May I never lose sight of you
May I never grow complacent in my love
May I always feel you a minute away from leaving
And have enough in me
For you to want to stay

May I offer you a bed to take root
May I feed you the water and light that will help you grow

When you lie beside me
May your desire for me be as infinite as time

May I never cause you a moment’s grief
May I sing my way into your heart with kisses
May I curl into your silence with deep contentment
May you never want for anything

May you know me like no other
May I be enough

The words are swallows seeking the sun
They spirit themselves to temperate climates
They flap their small wings
They have crossed the ocean
There were nights they thought they would not make it
Their hearts are beating
They are alive
They have come seeking you

A nest
A haven

There is a warmth in you I feel across the divide
All my past lives converge at this place

I am weary traveler
I have nothing but hope
I am done searching
I am home

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