Thursday, May 20, 2010


Have plunged me
Some water and earth woman
Into depths of aquamarine
The violet sky
But a memory as it swallows the sun
And filters through its radiance
To the floor of this consuming ocean
That knows no bounds
My mouth opens to its presence
My body yields to its powerful grace
I am cast out to its magnificence
As it mirrors your face
This water birth
That shatters the limpets from their God-shaped rocks
That coaxes starfish from their salt beds
That exclaims in muted symphonies from whale songs learnt long ago
Some kind of paradise
Some kind of luminescence
As I gasp for the joy of it
Immersed in its enquiry
My eyes washed clear
The concentrated vision distilled as if watching myself anew
Clarity ringing its heart bells
Clarity no longer a shipwreck
Hope like a pearl in the palm of my hand
And I wondered
If this is how it must feel
For fish
To gauge green.

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