Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today in the autumn light
I caught a star and held it tight
I made a wish and set it free
I prayed it would come back to me

The wish was big yet very small
very short yet very tall
it had all the answers
but was dumb
it felt all pleasures
despite being numb
it was joyful and joyous
and so very sad
this wish that I clung to
this wish that I had

I borrowed a compass
I sought out a map
my heart sprung a leak
like a broken tap
for the wishes worth wishing
seldom come true
for the pitiful masses
for me or for you
and the stars that we cling to
shatter to dust
and the the brightest veneer
will start to rust
and the world knows no better
the stories we made
and the very best memories
eventually fade
and you're left looking out
when you should be looking in
and the credits are already rolling
when you're set to begin