Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Albert

Everything and nothing
Oh how could I say it all?
If all I had left was this
Paper and ink
And a heart full of promise
And a world full of dreams
And so many things unlived
And so many things lived raw
Everything and nothing
Into some vital essence of who I was, who I am and could have been
Had I all the time in the universe
It still would not be enough
To say that I love you
To say that you have left some indelible mark on my heart
My tattoo lover
My blessed wing
At night upon you I float over the city
Dreamless, smokey landscape of light and dark
The traffic a far off distant lullaby
And the steady beat and promise that is your heart.
Everything and nothing
For nothing could be enough
And half of it would be nothing at all
Perfect light
Sun of my sun
How the days wake with you
And the stars watch you sleep
How the world aches for the love you have shared with me
How the nameless masses find hope in your smile
How the seasons promise to return
This swan song not nearly beautiful enough
Not nearly enough
For all the unlived hopes I cupped in my hand and passed to you
Drink it
Drink my sweet love
Tonight paper-thin skin of my resolve crumples under the sheet of our years together
A dove coos outside my window
And a late summer breeze breathes hello
The tulips you sent continue to wilt
Their pallid pink mouths droop open gasping for air like fish out of water
I tried to revive them
But found some beauty in their demise
Some silent requiem
Of our mortality
Everything and nothing my love
This elegy for you and the loves we loved
And the dreams we dreamed on your Turkish carpet
And the laughter that overfilled my cup
And drowned my sadness
Oh how you shone a light amongst my shadows
How you gave me everything
Made me everything
Showed me everything
Something nourished
And alive
Out of
This is for you.

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  1. you are such an amazing writer. I am in awe.