Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Japanese Song

You have the East in your eyes
returning again to unearth all your secrets
The Geisha girls come undone
unravelling from their kimono's, those silk Kimono's
and they pour you a drink
and they grant you a wish
and their painted red lips run away with them
And We're big in Japan tonight
And we're dancing a whirling dirvish
furiously free
and accross the runway
the engines roar
and the birds fly South
and the world stands still
and you capture yourself in the pictures you make
silent replica's trapped in ink
much like these words
these bruises we leave
This week
what a terrible week
I watch you cry on your bed like a small child
again death breathes its rancid breath
the weight of the world too heavy
the days too dark
And Albert, poor, dear Albert
on a ventilator
his mother and sister wishing him back
but Albert has left the building
and in your dream
he is as he was
and you're walking with him up the stairs to the place where he lived
how strange
when you think on it
here one day, gone the next
But Alphaville keep singing
and the words are so sad
We're big in Japan tonight
and the Geisha girls are laughing
and we don't understand