Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You didn’t want my love
Although I begged you to take it
I put an IV tube in your mouth and fed you bite size pieces of myself
Until you, my cannibal lover
Were overfed

I wrote messages on your eyelids
So when you slept you’d think of me
Stapled whispers to your earlobes
And promises to your spine
I hooked up a cable from your heart to mine
And sent you impulses that shocked and resonated
All my heartbreaks
All my loves
So that you could read them like a map
And take me home

I tried to wrap myself in your skin
At night copied your breathing pattern
My love was as vast as the Atlantic
And with every touch
I chartered your planes
From your brain I excavated every bad memory
And extinguished old flames with my spit
And at the end I stood before you with my heart
In my hands - proffered like some sacrifice, bleeding
All over the carpet

And you were leaking me
Like a dripping tap
My name rolling off your tongue, pissing me out against the wind
And for all myself
There was so little of you left
That I switched off the machine
Should you vanish completely.

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