Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Beautiful Place

It is really only half of something beautiful
Without you in it
It is somewhat incomplete
It lacks depth, colour, it hangs skew on the wall
It has no life
It captures cool green waters and autumn sunlight but now they look grey
Now they look odd

I want to give you a beautiful place
Somewhere only greater than the light you bring
Today dark and grey the clouds write your name
And I’m hanging word hooks on my clothes
Post-its on my pockets
Attachments to my hands
The office clown
Someone remarks on the time
A million pigeons crash into the window
The world is covered in feathers
We float to the middle of Trafalgar Square
On a black winged umbrella
You cup my optimism like a bell in your great hand
Swallow my silence like a sweet
Make it all so pretty with your medication

I search your eyes for my reflection
A glimpse of something real
I become Narcissus
I swim into your deep cool waters
My limbs as smooth as pebbles
My voice bubbles

Back in half time
At the ¼ bar
Back at something with my stockings on
Losing my self respect – hanging on with a broken nail
Less of me for more of you

Monday I’m back at the refrigerator door
With my magnetic poetry
Writing you words you’ll never read
Drawing you pictures you’ll never see
Finding the light under your door
Strangely comforting.

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