Thursday, October 15, 2009


The lover you love no longer knows how to be a lover
Unschooled and misused
He sits like a rag doll
Overstuffed on his own waste
His hands withered away
His mouth some wound
His tongue lost in memories of kisses
And salt water
The lover no longer recognizes herself
In the bandaged afterthought of his smile
Games played deliver more loss than wins
And she can do nothing but split herself in two
And wait
The lover they loved no longer knows how to be a lover to them
Fragmented and dejected
He shoots paper arrows from a broken bow
Cursing Cupid that foolish winged boy
Cutting valentines out of skin – colouring out of the lines
Words like hallmark greeting cards
Inspire such tiny flames
Hardly worth the underwear
The lover I love will learn to be a lover
I will untie her
Set her about your heart like a noose
Whispering secrets in your mouth
Filling up your god shaped hole
She’ll come forth like a siren from the rocks
Undone by lust
And then the lover that I love will know that she never really forgot
Her own undoing.

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