Saturday, January 16, 2010


Don’t look back
I am behind you
The snow knows my feet
The puddles my heart
My face in black ice
My heart in the Kamogawa River
The cherry blossoms are dead
And the grass is brown
I walk behind you
Don’t turn around
There is enough of the knowing here
There is enough time
There is a steady leak from your heart to mine
There is nothing to see here that you have not already seen
I am the same
I always will be
You know all there is to know
I wrote it in the snow
I sent it with the bell toll
At the temple on New Year’s Eve
I gave it to the mirror lake
I threw it in the sea.
I am behind you
Do not turn around
Trust that I will follow
It is promised to the ground.
The light ahead will guide you
And you shall be my guide
My hands are in your pockets
My kiss is in your ear
The world grants us a pardon
We’ll get another year
For now the hawks are calling
To the fish down below
Songs of love and freedom
That no one else should know
And your footprints grasp my own
Soft sinking – not a sound
My love I am behind you
Do not turn around.


  1. What a marvelously compelling and moving work.

  2. Thank you Rick! And thank you for reading! I just got back to South Africa from two weeks in Kyoto visiting my brother - hence the Japanese references! :)