Tuesday, November 24, 2009


You framed your guilt so finely
Pressed against your reflection
It became a weapon
A tool of wrath
Which you executed with ease over me.
You had nothing to hide
Your dalliances with me were out in the open
Polished like that first red apple
Eden was a long way from here
As was God.
We reveled in this sanctum
Caught on the cusp of a new beginning
With a woman/child who looked up to you with questioning eyes
Who captured your best side
In portraits of poetry and pent-up passion
I reminded you of your one true love
You let her go
Catch and release your favourite game
Till I became that glassy-eyed gagging fish
Whom you pulled from the recess
Of that black ocean
The hook of your love lost to my skin
Blood made transparent
In salt water
Sharks circling just off the reef.

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